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StewardSOFT Online List Manager (OLM)

Through the use of StewardSoft’s Online List Manager, churches now have an easy and convenient way to manage and maintain their parish’s mail database, contributions, reporting and financial contributions. This FREE solution, offered through McDaniel Church Envelope, is designed for churches of all sizes, offering parishes the ability to log-in with a username and password to add, delete or revise their existing address file used to print the offertory envelopes. Many parishes do not want the hassle of having to submit a name file before each mailing. The cutoff date on which the address file will be pulled is always visible in your StewardSoft account, allowing the parish staff to keep the file as “fresh” as possible. If a church requires a more extensive version for multiple congregations, reporting features and contribution management for each parishioner, an enhanced version is available for just $29.99/month with no annual contract. This expanded version allows the church to manage their database file, input contributions and run more advanced reports. The file maintenance portion is a free, stripped down version of a management software.