Velocicor Printing Technology revolutionizes faith-based printing industry

Velocicor printing technology

Velocicor printing technology

Q: What is VelocicorTM?

VelocicorTM is a proprietary blend of mechanical and technological advances designed to improve the quality and speed of printing while reducing waste and costs.

Q: Who created VelocicorTM?

McDaniel Envelope merged custom-developed software with advances in technology and manufacturing into a unique system capable of delivering VDP (variable data printing) at extremely high speeds.

Q: What is VDP?

Variable data printing is a system whereby each printed item may be different from the previous, much like a home or office printer can print a multi-page document. VDP can drastically slow down the printing process and is not even possible on much high speed printing equipment.

McDaniel Envelope's VelocicorTM printing technology currently allows two-sided envelope printing at speeds of 800 feet per minute.

Q: What is the future of VelocicorTM?

New technology in testing shows that we can achieve an even higher quality image while maintaining the speed.

Q: What does this mean for the offering envelope industry?

McDaniel Envelope believes that offering envelopes can be much more than a recording instrument for contributions. They are an under-utilized avenue to deliver messages to your donors. With the advent of VelocicorTM McDaniel Envelope can now offer full color, photographic images on both sides of your envelopes at a tremendous cost savings over what your current supplier can offer.

Many churches just like yours are looking for ways to increase giving and reduce costs. McDaniel Envelope envelopes engage your givers by delivering powerful messages and full color images while still costing you far less than the same old black and white envelopes we've seen for decades. Click our logo at the top to explore our site and see the many designs and exclusive series we print.

Using the reverse side of your envelope, we can print one of our many exclusive envelope series to deliver educational or inspirational messages to your donors. Many churches have experienced the increased income that comes from these beautiful envelopes. Other churches find that simply adding a full color photograph of their church and giving their envelope design an overhaul can increase giving.

Q: How much can VelocicorTM cut my bill?

Due to a lack of innovation in printing technology and environmental regulations, prices in the envelope industry are hurting the budgets of churches worldwide. McDaniel Envelope has partnered with some innovative companies in the ink industry to drive down the cost of producing environmentally-friendly "green" inks. These cost-effective inks and the VelocicorTM printing system allow us to drastically reduce costs from 35-50% below what other envelope manufacturers charge. New advances on the horizon will enable us to keep prices low and increase printing quality even further.