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McDaniel Church Envelope & Mailing Company can provide your members with an opportunity to mail their contributions back to the church from any location. This is a great product for snowbirds or members who are forced to stay home for health reasons. The booklet cover and envelopes can be printed in one color to four color process and can be printed on all sides to send a message, list a schedule of services or to inform members of upcoming events or classes.


  • Eliminate storage and distribution problems.

  • Increases offerings 10 to 20 percent.

  • Increases communication from the Pastor to the homes. Cards or letters may be inserted in mailings.

  • Special Collections may be added during the year.

  • Each mailing presents a reminder to members of their responsibility to the church.

  • Increases participation.

  • Mailing lists that are always updated.

  • Each weekly envelope is custom printed to your specifications. (No Additional Charge)

  • All envelopes are mailable for easy return to the church office.

  • Envelopes may be mailed bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually.

  • Eliminate cards and letters, replace with covers that can be printed both inside and outside to further personalize communication with donors.